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Heidi Introduction

The founder of Heidi have tried a number of well-known Australian brands of diapers when she was a new mother, but her baby has been found to have a red buttock, allergy and so on. Hence, she looked up information everywhere to find out the reason why top diapers still make buttocks red. During the process of collecting information, she finds that the composition of the diapers’core , water absorption, the softness of the surface layer, which is directly related to the baby's red buttocks. There's so much learning in the small diapers. In order to make more babies away from red buttock and new mothers free from worries, she came out the idea of producing and selling an natural and anti-allergic diaper. According to the characteristics of diapers, she tried all the brands of diapers in Australian market and found a small manufacturer whose diapers is better than big brands in terms of softness and water absorption.The diaper, named after her baby , finally came out after more than 1 year preparation. It implies that the brand will be cared for and loved as her baby , and growing together with. Heidi is in Australia. We use Australian raw materials and cutting-edge technology, and we know more about the Chinese mother's heart.Heidi diaper - green, convenient, comfortable and practical. Heidi, the baby's best gift to the baby!